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Working together

You know that phrase, "All roads lead to Rome", well in the product all roads lead back to the team. The team culture, skillset, communication style are indicators for that software company to produce a valuable product.

Your ability to be good at building and improving a product depends on your ability to communicate with others. By using processes that standardise how to share context, goals, strategies, and solutions with others you can reduce the mental burden of communication and make it easier for everyone as a team to work together more productively.

This handbook is a guide to a product development process, but ultimately the process is a tool that you can use to facilitate conversation. In product development, the part that requires the most consideration is how to communicate with people.

With everything that competes for your attention, what you focus your energy on and how you talk about that with your team impact your ability to solve problems. Your product's value is the sum of all the problems that it solves and your role is to be a problem solver.

What roles make up a product team?

Product delivery teams can be made up of one person or 50 people. If the team-size is one, then that one person does everything - all of the roles. If the team size is larger, there may be many people delivering one role. Teams need to be built with people with different strengths and they usually will encompass a well-rounded skill set to build on each other's strengths.

Typically, if there is a role missing within the team, the product manager normally steps up to fill the gap. Product management, and product delivery, are cross-departmental. Product managers take inputs from every part of the organisation and process the insights to drive the strategy of the product. Product teams are a combination of all the people who help deliver the product.

A strong product delivery team have a combination of these roles:

Other important roles: